Lift parts: ALC was founded to supply lift equipment for use in the modernization of existing lifts and in new lift design. We offer different parts of Chinese, Iranian, and Turkish lift parts that satisfy your Lift maintenance equipment with our world-class quality at the lowest price.

 Controller: AMU Lift supplies all types of electronic products that are compatible with MR & MRL systems with parallel or serial connections. Moreover, lift controls for two speed and VVVF motors also for hydraulic systems can be supplied by our company. With these controller systems, passenger comfort can be maximized by providing a smooth ride. Lift control technology with the integrated drive can be offered higher safety standards. The Lift controllers are provided with a simple wire connection, thanks to CAN bus serial communication which saves your field labor time. Also can be used with parallel connection by adding extra electronic devices and our controllers are universally serviceable and maintainable by any and all lift contractors. All of our lift controllers are compatible with world standards. We can supply not only a lift control panel but also lift controller units, speed control units, integrated lift control units, regenerative units, door controllers, and auxiliary units. So, as AMU Lifts, we provide the exact top-quality materials that your need. The only thing you should consider is to define your needs, check our products and let us help you to give you the best.

Cabin: Lift cabins are steel structures that can be used for the transportation of loads and people between floors. Lift cabins are made of a steel floor and a carrier skeleton. The lift cabin frame is covered with sidewalls and ceiling to create a closed volume. The cabinets are shaped according to the Lift traffic situation and the amount and type of cargo. All types of the patterned cabin in line with World standards can be supplied by AMU lift. What’s more, according to the customer’s demand all types of cabins for passengers, stretchers, and goods with any dimensions can be supplied. The cabins carry out all functional and technical requirements.

Motor: Lift motors are the most important part of Lift systems. We can see them as the heart of the whole system. Lift motors give the ability to move the cabin upward or downward. Without a lift motor, there will be no elevation of something. There are many different Lift motor types, according to needs and purposes. Hydraulic motors, geared vs gearless motors are used according to their use areas. Lifts have different sizes and drives depending on the type of building and the number of passengers or loads in it. At AMU Lift, we provide the right solution to the right projects. With the help of our great experience, we can assist you with the best and the most effective Lift projects. Either only motors, or a complete Lift, we can design, prepare and provide you with the most proper Lift systems according to your needs.

Complete Lift: Amu Lift supplies all types of complete lifts for traction and hydraulic systems that are compatible with machine room and machine room-less systems. Our solutions provide piratic solutions that will be all types of the shaft for new or modernization projects. AMU Lift offers an ideal solution for every project and supplies all the components of the lifts. As a company with 15 years of experience, we provide all kinds of products on time and without any mistakes. Another important aspect of our work is the unlimited trust in our customer relationships and the guarantee of our products. In addition, the AMU lift provides all kinds of lift components and completes lift service with precision. We can provide all our products according to world standards. As a team that knows the lift systems well, we start happily with every new job. What is important to us is customer satisfaction. AMU Lift supplies complete Lifts down to the smallest parts and we arrange delivery to the customer's hands. It is a great pleasure for us to deliver complete lifts and components to every corner of Afghanistan.