Lift Installation & Service

AMU Lift Company (ALC) with 15 years of experience started its business in 2007 as a total lift company, headquartered in Kabul, Afghanistan. Within a short span of time AMU LIFT became a pioneer in lift and its servicing and was installing more than two hundreds lifts in Afghanistan, Shar-e-Naw Tower(21 floors), City Walk and many more are our satisfied clients. Being a total lift company and having a wide variety of lifts (FUJI, FUJI HD, FUJI TA, Turkish and Iranian Lifts), ALC imports FUJI lifts which is listed among top 10 world Lift companies in 2021. We offer you all lift parts of Fuji, Iranian and Turkish with highest quality and lower price.

We have all kinds lift services experience and solar energy installation for lifts ALC is a total responsive company for all types of our clients demand. Supplying lifts for each and every application with indigenously developed technology and industry experience we are successfully able to lock horns with many of our competitors across Afghanistan and has proved to be first company in lift industry.
ALC has an in – depth knowledge and understanding of local customs and regulations, as well as the experience in all modes of Lifts (Passenger, Hydraulic, cargo, car and hospital lifts) across the country.

First Escalator Installing in Afghanistan

AMU Lift Company is the first company that provide you escalator from FUJI brand with world class technology and highest quality with reasonable price, our team have experience in providing you the best service of escalator installation with grantee of its parts for one year and 6 months free service. Escalator installed in CITY WALK is one of our projects, besides installing escalators we provide you all parts of escalator for your projects.